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DONATE to our fund our MAILER to elect anti-CRT candidate, Bethany Chatterley!


SPECIAL ELECTION UPCOMING! Bethany Chatterley, mother, is running in the Coventry special election school committee race to fight for our children against the radical left's plan to indoctrinate our children. The Gaspee Project is asking you to join the fight alongside her. Can you make a gift today? Every dollar counts! 

HELP US FUND THIS MAILER (so we can send it to more people!)

#ParentsUnitedRI is a grassroots movement of mothers, fathers, and concerned citizen groups across Rhode Island ... who are banding together to preserve the rights of parents when it comes to their children’s education and health. 

Donate to the Gaspee campaign war-chest today! We're fighting to get #ParentsUnitedRI candidates elected...Your gift will be used to purchase mailers, advertisements, and other campaign materials! 

Only by winning municipal school board and town council seats can we stop take back our schools. Only by winning municipal school board and town council seats can we stop take back our schools. Only 2022 candidates who take the #ParentsUnitedRI pledge and join the slate” will be considered for financial or other election support.

Please give generously today, because you can make the difference in stopping CRT in the Ocean State! Know that 100% of your gift will be put directly towards fighting for pro-liberty candidates. Give now!

In Liberty,

The Gaspee Project

P.S. Bethany needs your help to WIN the school committee race and fight for kids against the radical left.... here is a quick link to the donate page.

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